Image of Tough Tech FlightCobalt Chains is pleased to announce the introduction of Tough-Tech Polymeric Flights for drag conveyor chains. Tough-Tech Flights combine the strength, durability and affordability of steel links, with the safety of polymeric links and flights. These plastic flights are ideally suited for the grain industry where metal-to-metal contact of steel flights against the floor of the conveyor duct can generate sparks and ignite grain dust explosions.

Image of Tough Tech Flights

With Cobalt Chains’ expertise in chain design and manufacturing, and the use of through-bolts and nuts to secure these light weight flights, assembly of Tough-Tech Flights is easy, efficient, and can help reduce downtime. Furthermore, Tough-Tech Flights thwart the need to attach plastic paddles to steel flights and avoid the risk steel-to-steel contact from not changing these paddles in time.

To learn more about Tough-Tech Polymeric Flights for your conveying needs, please contact Cobalt Chains at 1-309-698-9250 or

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