Cobalt Chains High Temperature Alloy drag chains are suitable for use in extreme temperature applications such as Lime Kiln Conveyors, Ash Handling Conveyors, Calcining Systems & Cement Clinker Conveyors. Our chains are supplied with super-hard locked pins, to prevent rotation and unnecessary pin wear, through hardened Cast Alloy or Manganese Alloy Links and optional added Hard Welds to improve overall abrasion life. Sprockets and other accessories are also available from our East Peoria Plant.

Cobalt Chains can also supply stainless steel heat recovery chains on a fabricated basis.

High Temp Chains Catalog

9 Tooth Cast Mn13 Sprocket

Cobalt Chains Lime Kiln Chain Cobalt Chains High Flight Calciner Chain Cobalt Chains Hi-Temperature Cement Drag Chain