Welding Cobalt CF102R Clip Flights with New Robotic Welder

Cobalt CSBSS9957SJ Intermediate Carrier Chain in Mexico Sugar Mill

Round Link Chain Calibration
Typical installation of “plug-in” style flight connector in round link chain strand

Cobalt CB2103 Chain Carrying Baggasse in Argentina, South America Sugar Mill

Special Chain for Shelf Welding Machine

Forged Link Being Made At Cobalt Forge

Cobalt Chains Quality Control Testing Round Link Chain to Meet DIN 22252 Standard

Cobalt Chains’ Robotic Welder Welding Steel Flights On To 14218TN Forged Chain Links

Paver Machine Chains

Cobalt Chains Heavy Duty 142 Standard Drop Forged Fork Chain in Wood Chip Conveyor for OSB Manufacturing Plant

Cobalt Chains Factory Rivetting of Stainless Steel Double-Flexing Chain for OEM Customer

Cobalt Chains 7″ Pitch Offset Link Drive Chain Turning De-Barker Drum in OSB Plant

Cobalt Chains Drop Forged Chain and Sprockets Operating in Wood Chip Conveyor for OSB Manufacturing Plant

Cobalt Chains Round Link Mining Chain System Operating in OEM Fly Ash Recovery Conveyor

Cobalt Chains cutting matched/tagged mining chain pairs for fly-ash handling customer

Cobalt Chains shop tests forged chain system for US Gypsum

Cobalt Chains Main Carrier Chain for Sugar Industry

Cobalt Chains Cush-Cush Juice Strainer Conveyor