Rebrand to Expand:  Forging a New Manifest Destiny

Rebrand to Expand: Forging a New Manifest Destiny

We are now Cobalt Chains! As of July 10, 2017, we have changed our company name to Cobalt Chains. This comes as the first step in our plan for global expansion. We’ve had our eyes on this prize for many years, and we are very excited to see it finally come to fruition. First and foremost, it is only our name that has changed. There is no change in ownership, employees, products or quality of service. We are the same company with a new, and improved name! We are as committed as ever to maintaining our superior quality of products and performance.

Our company name change reflects the end of our relationship with John King Chains Limited in the United Kingdom (JKUK). In 2004, our facility began as a sister company to JKUK. In those days, we ran parallel to the UK branch. JKUSA later entered into a License Agreement with JKUK. That License Agreement, and the relationship between JKUSA and JKUK has now ended. It is our policy to conduct business with the utmost courtesy and integrity, and we look forward to continuing that tradition under our new name, Cobalt Chains.

Manifest Destiny is a term used to describe the widespread belief in 19th century America that the United States was destined to encompass all the lands that lay between the east coast and the west coast of North America. Manifest Destiny was a movement that inspired. It encouraged people to “take a chance” and discover what else was out there. The uncharted west of that time was novel and exciting. Today, Cobalt Chains is creating its own version of this movement. It is our intention to use our recent rebranding to expand our own territories. We are very enthusiastic to begin this new journey!

However, in American history, Manifest Destiny has also been used to justify a means to an end. In the 19th century, that meant the displacement of the Native Americans from their rightful land. The Anglo-Saxon Americans of that time were not concerned with those who had come before. They believed that what was in the west was simply there for the taking. This is not a policy that Cobalt Chains has adopted. We will continue to conduct business as we have in the past: honorably. We are proud of the policy we continue to implement of honesty and a deep reverence for our customers.

As we move forward “into the west,” Cobalt Chains is delighted to continue to bring you Exceptional Performance, Superior Results
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