Cobalt Chains is able to manufacture complete custom turn-key conveyor chain systems using Cobalt Chains carbon steel or stainless steel chains. These systems are supplied to our clients including steel attachments/flights with or without polymeric paddles. The paddles are pre-installed and can be regular white UHMW, reprocessed UHMW, high temperature UHMW, nylon as well as polyurethanes and rubbers for all applications. These chains are fully assembled in our shop and quality tested for easy on-site installation by our clients.

Cobalt Chains USA conveyor chains

Cobalt Chains high-temperature UHMW lined flights for WH132 welded steel conveyor chain in poultry feed mill.

Assembled Conveyor Chains

Close up of Cobalt Chains turn-key conveyor chain with high-temperature UHMW lined flights for poultry feed mill.