Cobalt Chains’ expertise in supplying sprockets and idlers is unrivaled in the materials handling industry. We can design and manufacture custom sprockets for all industries including the toughest and most demanding applications. They are supplied with precision machined bores, pre-cut keyways and accurately placed setscrews or locking devices. Additionally, we are able to respond quickly in urgent break-down situations to minimize our customers down times. We can supply sprockets, idlers and traction wheels made in:

  • Polymers such as UHMW and nylon
  • Cast irons with “chilled rims”
  • Carbon steel with or without hardened teeth
  • Alloy steels with forged or hardened teeth and rims

Sprockets are made for welded steel chains, engineering class chains, steel bushed & roller chains, combination chain, cast alloy chains, double flexing chains & rivetless chains. Cobalt Chains can also handle the complexities of round link mining chain sprockets which are made in many types & sizes with forged alloy hardened teeth. Furthermore, to save time and money on installation, sprockets can be split two-piece, split three-piece with solid hub and split rim, or fully split with split hub and split tooth rim.

Cobalt Chains is YOUR source for sprockets!

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Engineering Class Sprockets

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